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  • Our vision is to be your trusted consultant!

  • We partner with leading technology makers and use our expertise to localize technology and make sure you receive service as promised.

  • From Customer engagement, social monitoring platforms to smart city IoT solutions..We transform your digital journey


Our product portfolio..

Muain Platform

Your virtual digital assistant.
a platform ready to server your customers..
Purely made in Oman.
Organizations today can shape their workflows, assign tasks, create responsive bots, create campaigns and push messages & notifications.
ASK Muain ...
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Face Recognition Attendance

Flexible tools for a next generation verification experience on web and mobile
Available in device centric, server centric and web- based configuration
NIST FRVT certified facial recognition technology in %99.22 accuracy
Gender and age recognition, Advanced liveness detection with a 3D facial map with a single photo.
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Augmented Reality Predictive Maintenence

With emerging interactive technology, companies and factories can make life better for their employees, technicians, mechanics, associates. We want to achieve this with augmented reality and virtual reality who are actually involved in building and running the world. Currently, virtual reality and augmented reality is not correctly leveraged
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